6 x 6 Table Space in Gateway

6 x 6 Table Space in Gateway

6 x 6 Table Space in Gateway

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6 x 6 exhibitor space in the center of the ballroom with a table, tablecloth and 2 chairs.
Location:  Over 50 Fair

Optional rear and side pipe and drape available for purchase.  

Note that there is no space between tables in this area, so side pipe and drape is not recommended.

Also note:  if rear pipe and drape is not purchased, you may not hang a banner on the wall.

We are pleased to offer you the following discounts:
Sign up for an Exhibitor Space plus a Class Space or Rent a Room and receive a $50 discount.

10% discount off the cost of any ads in our program book - available with purchase of an Exhibitor Space, Class Space, or Rent a Room.  Discount expires July 17, 2017.

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