Testimonials from our 2015 and 2016 Over 50 Fairs

"The Over 50 Fair just seems to get better and better every year!”

Christina Kelly, Medical Arts Radiology

Repeat Exhibitor

"We had so much fun and the exhibitors and attendees who came to my booth loved the different product scents."

Ava, Pure Romance by Ava


"The best thing about the Over 50 Fair is all the information you can get on important matters. It was very well organized and Barbara was "hands on all day." It was very unusual, compared to other shows I have been to, and nice."

Lois Shren

Attendee who has been to five Over 50 Fairs

"I learn so much every year, and I can get information that I need. I have talked to Physical Therapists and doctors and find everyone is very helpful. I enjoy attending, and I tell my friends about it every year."

Arlene Calcano

Repeat Attendee

"You're doing a great service, and you should be proud of yourselves."

Julio Gantovnik

Attendee who has been to four Over 50 Fairs

"Thank you Barbara for inviting me! It was a truly wonderful event."

Harriet Cabelly, LCSW, Rebuild Life Now


"Kudos for putting together a wonderful expo!  Thank you for the opportunity to present."

Florella Adams, CPS Financial Services


"Thank you, Barbara. You are amazing at this. Great job on organizing this wonderful event."

Gail Adams, 7-in-Heaven Singles Events