Rent a Room - Larger Size - Full Day

Rent a Room - Larger Size - Full Day

Rent a Room - Larger Size - Full Day

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Do you need an 8 foot screen?
Yes [+$130.00]
Please contact me regarding additional A/V equipment
Have a huge space all to yourself from 10:00 - 4:30. Room size is approximately 53 x 21 x 8 with seating for around 60 people.
Must be pre-approved. Please note that currently Rent a Room is not available for financial services/insurance/mortgages.

Depending on how you are using the room, we may ask you for a 50-70 word description (maximum) plus .jpg of your headshot or logo for use in promoting your class.  
Note that screen cost may increase if added after August 9, 2019.

2 Discounts are available:
10% discount off the cost of any ads in our program book - available with purchase of an Exhibitor Space, Class Space, or Rent a Room.  Discount expires July 17, 2019.

Sign up for an Exhibitor Space plus a Class Space or Rent a Room and receive a $50 discount.

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